Liz grew up in North Carolina and has lived all over that beautiful state, from the mountains to the eastern plains, with many summer weeks spent swimming and sunning on its wide, sandy beaches. In 2007 she moved with her husband and children to central Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, minutes from Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. They share their home with a big brown dog and a mountain of dirty laundry.

  My writing:   My writing:
In fourth grade, I wrote my first mystery. It was about horses and was 100 pages long!
  I ‘m still writing! Since that first story, I ‘ve written more than ten books and many magazine stories and plays. Look for my stories in American Girl Magazine and the mini-books American Girl Today.
  My nickname:   My nickname:
  Most people called me Betsy, but I never really liked it. I wanted a more elegant or adventuresome name, like Ariana or Jan. My characters in the stories I wrote always had those kinds of names.  
Liz. Hardly anybody calls me Betsy now!
  What I wanted to be when I grew up:   What I wanted to be when I grew up:
  A jockey, a horse breeder, a writer, and an actress, in that order.   I consider myself blessed to be a mom and a writer. My daughters are the actresses in the family, but someday I would still like to own a horse.
  My best subject in school:   My best subject as a grown-up:
  English (Language Arts), mainly because we got to write stories.   Writing!
  My worst subject:   My worst subject as a grown-up:
  Math (Calculators had not been invented!)
  Laundry! I still don’t care much for math.
  My favorite books:   My favorite books:
  The Black Stallion books by Walter Farley   Too many to name (I love to read!) but at the top of the list would be Anne of Green Gables and the James Herriot books.
  The person I most admired:   The person I most admire:
  My Grandmother   My husband Rick
  My favorite pet:   My favorite pet:
  Ginger, my terrier puppy. She played hide-and-seek and sat
on my lap to eat grapes.
  That brown dog in the picture!
  My scariest experience:   My scariest experience:
  When my father nearly fell off a cliff while hiking.   Having five children! (Just kidding! I’ve loved every minute of it.)
  My greatest pride:   My greatest pride:
  When my poem was published in the newspaper.   Having five children!
  My greatest fear:   My greatest fear:
  I was scared of the dark!
  Running out of peanut butter. (But I still leave a light on at night.)
  My greatest wish:   My greatest wish:
  To have my own horse.   That my family would be happy and that kids would enjoy reading my books.
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